INTRODUCTION:                  LookFantastic is considere as the number 1 beauty retailer in Europe. This is the best place if you’re looking for products for your beauty needs. They have over 22,000 products... Read more »

ULTA BEAUTY 4.8 (516)

INTRODUCTION:                Ulta Beauty, Inc. is a famous salon previously acknowledged as Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. It is a group of beauty stores based in the United States of America.... Read more »

SEPHORA 4.7 (580)

Sephora offers different types of more than 300 brands consisting of NARS, Too faced cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay and many more. Recently Sephora has also collaborated with a world renown... Read more »

WALMART 4.9 (814)

INTRODUCTION:            Walmart Inc. is a global seller corporation that functions a chain of supermarkets, discounted departmental stores, and grocery stores. It’s main headquarter is in Arkansas, Bentonville. The company was established... Read more »

800BEAR.COM 4.7 (511)

INTRODUCTION:          This company/business is owned by a family. Ther y are proud to offer embodied teddy bears and plush, that is supported by a very warm personal service. They are very... Read more »

9FUDA.COM 3.5 (194)

INTRODUCTION:          China is well known for it’s beautiful and best things with the highest quality. But unfortunatley people outside the country doesn’t have any access to their goods. So for making... Read more »

A PEA IN THE POD 4.6 (573)

INTRODUCTION:            A pea in a pod is a company that is currently running under the Destination Maternity Corporation. It is a company featuring specifically selected exclusive designer labels and maternity styles... Read more »

A1 SUPPLEMENTS 3.6 (319)

INTRODUCTION:          This compancy offers their customers with specialized lifestyle supplements and sports nutrition. The company is cleverly located in the  beautiful Tennessee, Knoxville. It is the “sweet spot” of shipping for... Read more »


INTRODUCTION:          This company was first launched in 1946. The main idea od the company was to be a neighborhood shop for true artistic interpretation. The company provides their customers with an... Read more »

Freshly.com 3.2 (141)

INTRODUCTION:                Freshly is an online site that delivers ready-made meals. Freshly main branch is in New York, at 115 E 23rd St. The meals are prepared after receiving an order and... Read more »
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